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TitleDancing in the Streets
StatusRemastered - Final
Release Date2019-06-11
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Dancing in the Streets
Karen Dreams

Karen Dreams avatarI’ve shot so much content over the years but this is one of those videos that stuck with me lol. Myself and one of my models riends “lucky” were driving around in my car with my camera in the backseat. we had the music turned up and just felt like dancing. So we stopped the car and this happened. Your welcome haha

phil-fucking-flash avatarA few weeks ago I was going through and sorting the legacy video content of Karen I have, getting it ready to start processing and putting back up onto the site. During this process, I ran into this one. My breathe was briefly taken away, I went back, opened it up again, and pressed play. I just sat there with my eyes glued to the screen watching this youthful free spirited girl dance in the street. To house/trance music even! It was a beautiful thing to watch... and I know... that sounds kind of creepy. But if you are here perving on Karen, then that makes two of us... ha!

Enjoy the rare video...

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