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Karen Dreams and Amy Amy Amy face shot

About Karen's Dream Girls

's AvatarHi guys, I am Karen and this is my multi-model site. All of the models are amateur girls, that answered a newspaper ad I put out. They are pretty hot, and showing it off just isn't a problem for them. ☺ Baby oil, bubble baths, you name it and we shot it. I also have these cool video clips that I shot, asking each girl my "bitch questions"! things like... how old were u when u lost your virginity, have u ever had a threesome, have u ever kissed a girl, and do u like giving blow jobs? those r just a few of the many questions I put together.

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Dream Shoot Completed!

phil-flash's AvatarThe Dream Shoots has been completed. Here is the first set... Karen Dreams - MILF Stripper.

Karen and I ran out of time on our shoot do officially make her a p-f Girl. So... our next shoot she will be going after the coveted and highly sought after holy grail of modeling... the p-f girl belt! Will she pass Booty Camp, FaceDownAssUpUniversity's enrollment exam, as well as all of the other crazy and messed up things I will have her do? I highly suggest that you stay the fuck t (  .  ) (  .  ) ned for updates!

's AvatarThat means I will become a phil-flash girl soon! I hope that he still has that "p-f Girl" belt! He does have that p-f girl belt, I saw and held it! Oh I want it!!

Karen Dreams

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Monkey Man
Coming This Fall

Featuring Karen's dark dreams. Miss this... you won't want to!
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Stunning Karen Dreams at 18

This, the first picture of Karen that I had ever seen... in my dreams since... she's forever been! Does she do it to you too?

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