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TitleStuffing Chocolates In My Face
StatusRemastered - Final
Shoot Date2006-11-01
Release Date2020-02-14
mouth stuffed with chocolate

Stuffing Chocolates In My Face
Karen Dreams

phil-fucking-flash avatarWouldn't it be really hot to see Karen stuff an entire box of Valentine's chocolate down her pie hole? Oh my... I mean, I don't like fat girls, but I do like things that are just wrong... and that would certainly be... just wrong! Maybe I can get her do do it on our next photo shoot. At least here, in 2006 she came up with the idea and inspired me 14 years later.

Anyway, I love how Karen wore a lot of lingerie in the years past. The white thigh high stockings, lace thong, and corsette look stunning in this photo set!

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