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DOBApril 1
Height5' 1"
Weight100 lbs.
Bust34 C
naked boobs close up

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phil-fucking-flash avatar I did not shoot this hot little fucker, but Adriana's petite body, beautiful crown of golden hair, and the teen's amateur appearance combined... make her um... good jerk off material!

Karen Dreams avatar Shooting with Rachel was a lot of fun. We liked to try new ideas and play with the lighting. She is an "attention whore" and loved to model, which made playing dress up with her even more fun. She was not very shy at all, getting her to go full nude did't take much effort. :) I hope you have as much fun, if not more with her pictures and videos as I did!

A lil more about Rachel. She is currently 22 years old and going to college. Growing up, she was a ballarina.. that's sexy! Speaking of sexy, just take a look at her petite body and those really nice small C cup boobies. There's some more about Rachel, read on..

Rachel has this uncontrolable wild side to her, and I thought that you guys might find this interesting. While shooting my "bitch questions" video, I asked her if she ever had a threesome, and if so, another guy or another girl. She answered with, four different times, 8 different guys." I guess if you are around and alcohol is around, then Rachel might be getting passed around. haha

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