Kathy Ash
Model Data Kathy Ash
DOBOct. 26
Height5' 4"
Weight120 lbs.
Kathy Ash

Kathy Ash
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phil-fucking-flash This amateur model is absolutely beautiful. Kathy is a stunning blue eyed blonde with cute freckles, a curvaceous figure, and a lovely phat ass! Her platinum blonde crown, is naturally curly, gorgeous, and to die for! She topped it all off on the day she turned 18, with one of those sexy as fuck tramp stamps on her lower back. I rate her a 9.8, and her jerk-off-to-ability is a 10!

Kathy has a wild and freaky side to her. According to her photographer Karen, Kathy's bedroom had dildos and various sex toys out in the open. To have a peep, and see Kathy fucking the shit out of herself with a dildo would be fabulous! Whooaaaaah! There are also "sightings" of Kathy in public, wearing "slutty mini skirts" and stipper heels. Honestly, that sounds like girlfriend or wife material to me.

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Monkey Man... Summer 2020

Featuring Karen's dark dreams. Miss this... you won't want to, so stay the fuck t (  .  ) (  .  ) ned! Download the 13,000 bitrate full HD version of this trailer.

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Kathy Ash
Kathy Ash
Kathy Ash
Kathy Ash
Kathy Ash
Kathy Ash
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