standing nude with hand over vagina
TitleNaughty Girl Spanked
StatusOriginal - Final
Shoot Date2018-10-25
Release Date2018-12-20
spanked with a candy cane

Naughty Girl Spanked
Karen Dreams

Karen Dreams avatarChristmas is my favorite time of year! makes me feel like a kid again. Hehe I love this outfit and the red lipstick was pretty fun too. I Never thought id be spanked on camera by Phil. I think He enjoyed it just a lil too much tho! He started out spanking me soft but he definitely got me good a few times haha. I think the red marks on my ass speak for themselves! I\'ll have to admit tho, anticipating each wack was kinda thrilling! Happy holidays xoxoxo

phil-fucking-flash avatar This set turned into quite a pleasant surprise. Karen wanted to do a Christmas themed set, but I had no decorations readily available. So we just kind of winged this one. The great thing about winging sets is that it can often lead so some interesting spontaneous ideas. Karen says, "well you can spank me with the candy cane". Um... to that... I did not complain! I had way too much fun and you will too!

I am not sure what is more addicting... smacking that ass, watching her jump, hearing her laugh, or hearing her reaction to taking a big one. LMAO! I love it when she has to reach around and give the "hot spot" a little massage too... ha!

I am hopefull that Karen will agree to a round two of this on our next shoot! Let's all cross our fingers...

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