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TitleNov. 2018 iPhone Dump
StatusOriginal - Final
Release Date2018-12-01
sexy floor pose

Nov. 2018 iPhone Dump
Karen Dreams

Karen Dreams avatarHey guys! so what girl doesn’t like taking selfies of herself? Haha some of these I took just because and others I was feeling lonely and wanted to take some sexy pictures. I love the ones out of the shower looking all wet ♥ but my favorites are under my Christmas tree. I love the holidays but Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year!

phil-fucking-flash avatar Here is a set of self shots from Karen. It's kind of cool getting these pics texted to me... it's like I have this hot girl that randomly sends me hot pics. My favorite pic in this set is that juicy booty!

Anyway... enjoy her November 2018 phone dump!

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