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TitlePigtails & A Popsicle
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Pigtails & A Popsicle
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karen-dreamsThis set of Adriana in pigtails sucking on a popsicle came out so sexy and cute! She was a natural in front of the camera. She had no problem at all posing sexy on the counter top and taking in that cold popsicle.

What I wouldn't give to b 18 again and have a stomach like Adriana! Haha she is so cute with her long blonde hair and... how's Phil say it.. tight teen ass lol.

Model/Photographer Extraordinaire... Karen Dreams

phil-fucking-flash Karen took some great shots of this hot little amateur. You can see it in her face, that this was Adriana's first time in front of a camera shooting content for the world wide web. Thank the gods that she made this wonderful decision to show off her sexy body for all of us, and thanks to Karen for finding and shooting her.

I just love Karen's choice of words in her description above... "taking in that cold popsicle"... that's hot coming from a girls mouth!

I hope you like Karen's pictures...

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