Model Data Adriana
DOBOct. 7
Height5' 5"
Weight117 lbs.
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karen-dreamskaren-dreamsWow this brings me back! Adriana was one of my very first models I shot on my own. So not only was she nervous being a model for the first time I was also nervous cause I was learning my camera as well and getting a feel for a totally hot girly taking her clothes of in front of me. haha I think we we did pretty well.
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phil-fucking-flash I did not shoot this hot little fucker, but Adriana's petite body, beautiful crown of golden hair, and the teen's amateur appearance combined... make her um... good jerk off material! What say you? Leave a comment in the members area and let us know how you rate her "chicken-choking-ism".

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Monkey Man... This Fall - 2019

Featuring Karen's dark dreams. Miss this... you won't want to, so stay the fuck t (  .  ) (  .  ) ned!

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