About Karen's
Dream Girls

Hi guys, I am Karen and this is my multi-model site. All of the models are amateur girls, that answered a newspaper ad I put out. They are pretty hot, and showing it off just isn't a problem for them. ☺ Baby oil, bubble baths, you name it and we shot it. I also have these cool video clips that I shot, asking each girl my "bitch questions"! things like... how old were u when u lost your virginity, have u ever had a threesome, have u ever kissed a girl, and do u like giving blow jobs? those r just a few of the many questions I put together.

I have some really exciting news! Phil-flash is my new webmaster. He will be running my site from now on. We have a shoot scheduled too! That means I will become a phil-flash girl soon! I hope that he still has that "p-f Girl" belt! I think there is a chance I can shoot with DawnAvril too! I better tone up, because... it's been awhile since I have been in front of the camera, knowing phil... he's gonna want my face down and my ass up!

Karen all wet
The last time I went to shoot with phil, he got me so wet. I can't imagine what he's gonna do to me this time.
This is where it all started, I just loved being behind that camera.
Curly haired beauty.. Kathy Ash
Leia is just beautiful to look at!
Love Leia posing topless by the waterfalls.
Kathy Ash wearing white lingerie
Karen covers boobs with a hand bra
Amy blows on Karens toes
Kara holds stuffy
Karen’s Dream Girls

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